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I love late fall, it is one of my favorite times of the year. There are hot chocolate parties, sweater weather days for my dog and I, pumpkin pie and holidays.

I do not usually eat much turkey during the year. I am not opposed, but frozen, boneless, skinless chicken is cheaper. This year, I will go to my very first Friendsgiving. A lot of you may not be the holiday hostesses I endeavor to be, but I have got a little something for everyone for this Thanksgiving article.

Whether you are hosting this holiday or going to a get-together, you can find the perfect Thanksgiving recipe here.

I have laid out a super easy Thanksgiving menu sure to impress, and one that will not break the bank.

I am throwing the traditional turkey dish out the window in favor of something easier and done with the rotisserie chicken or turkey from Walmart.

If you are using precooked chicken or turkey from a store, it should already be seasoned.

If you are cooking it yourself, you will have to season it. Unless you actually know what you are doing, I would recommend buying a precooked turkey, or buy a bag of frozen cuts of your choice.

You will need to defrost it, season it to your taste, cook the bird and dice it.

In addition, the mashed potatoes are versatile for a potato stuffing or regular mashed potatoes.

The pumpkin torte is delicious. I love pumpkin anything, but this torte kills any time I make it. If you really want to impress, you can marble the cream cheese and pumpkin with a spoon to give it a swirled pattern.

If for some reason, you are unable to find an unflavored gelatin mix, Walmart probably has a pumpkin flavored, which will have a different effect; but this will still get you to the finish line in the end.

You will probably have leftovers of all the above, depending on how many guests you have. I have planned for 10 guests who like big portions, or 15 folks who eat like birds.

Thanksgiving is a holiday which makes people stress about being perfect, but we are young and if there was ever a time to not be perfect and just learn, it is now.

Thanksgiving and other such holidays built for family should not be about perfection, anyway.

Focus on your family and just serve them some food. Do not worry about plating it perfectly or making sure every detail is just right.

These recipes can all be made in advance. Just throw the stuffing and casserole into the oven to keep warm while your guests arrive, and then throw it on plates.

This day is about family and being grateful.

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