'Russian Doll' is sweet, but just a little too short

I went into watching the new Netflix Original "Russian Doll" expecting it to be the kind of show I would have to force myself to complete.

It was definitely like that for the first couple episodes because the plot of someone dying, waking back up earlier that day and being unable to break the loop is such a tired, overdone idea. Needless to say, once was more than enough.

Still, somehow I found myself enjoying the show, which meant instead of dreading watching it, I did not mind clicking the 'next episode' option. Pretty soon, I was basically binge-watching episodes.

This being said, there are only eight episodes out right now. Honestly, it is a little shocking and disappointing. If someone is going to produce a show even halfway decent, everyone knows the show has to be long enough to even count as binge-watching it.

Not only are there just eight episodes, but it gets worse. Each episode is somewhere around 25 minutes, which is even more upsetting. This is about three and a half hours total. While those shows would have honestly gotten boring if they were longer than half an hour, a boost in episodes would have been nice because eight is just too short.

The main character is the first interesting thing about the show. The first and second episodes are boring because they are full of her dying and figuring out what was happening in the first place. Still, even then, Nadia’s character made me interested enough to keep watching.

With an interesting backstory and a personality that somehow makes the audience like her, Nadia tries to get back to living her life the best she can, and because of her, the show is worth viewing.

The end of the third episode is when it really picks up because she finds a guy who not only believes her, but says the same thing happens to him. This makes the rest of the season infinitely more interesting because the audience gets to see how their lives are connected. It gives us something to figure out, rather than simply counting the times she has died.

Not only is this show dramatic in a creepy and dark way, but it also has plenty of funny moments. The fact her entire quest of getting herself back to normal started with finding her cat is absolutely golden.

Nadia’s entire attitude is brilliant, which is one of the reasons her personality was perfect for this role. In one of the episodes, as a response to her situation, she says, “the universe is trying to f*** with me and I refuse to engage.”

Natasha Lyonne, the actress who plays Nadia, was without a doubt the best casting in all of the show. She portrays the perfect personality needed to make this show comedic. She was impressive, and I honestly cannot think of a better actor for the part.

The show continues to be interesting because of several plot twists throughout it, but a big part of this interest can also be attributed to the character development built between Nadia and Alan as they learn how to correct crucial mistakes they made that day.

Please do not misunderstand me. I am not saying "Russian Doll" is the best show I have ever seen by any means. The base of the idea is still too played out, at least this year, and it does make the show need an extra something to be interesting enough to watch.

Still, this show has the extra personality it vitally needs. It is definitely worth trying out, at least through the third episode.

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