Mississippi State's Drama Society will present Outward Bound, a three act comedy-drama, in Lee Hall Auditorium tonight and tomorrow night at 8:00 pm.


The play will be directed by Dr. D. J. Cunetto, of the Speech Department, and it will be his first production since his arrival at State this semester.


The play is a situation comedy which finds a group of oddly assorted characters aboard an ocean liner, heading for a place unknown to themselves. In fact, they are all dead, and are heading for Judgement Day.


One of the cast members, Linda Collum, gave Cunetto a scare when she suffered an attack of laryngitis last week. Her final rehearsal work was done with no voice, but she has fully recovered and will be seen tonight in the role of Ann. Linda had a leading role in the Student Prince last year.


Others in the cast include, veteran Elinor Garret, as Mrs. Midget; David Dye, as Mr. Prior; Ronald Gordon, as Reverend Frank Thompson; Pattie Kurts as Mrs. Cliveden Banks; James M. Lee, as Reverend William Duke; Bruce Peterson, as Scrubby, James Walton as Mr. Lingley and James Watson, as Henry.


This is Miss Kurts' first appearance with Blackfriars. She transferred from the University of Southern Mississippi, and this is her first semester here.


Cunetto said he is confident of good production, and pointed out that the performers are not necessarily Liberal Arts or Speech majors. Some are Mathematics majors, some are in Forestry, and Miss Garret is majoring in Nuclear Engineering.

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