Fashion Board catwalks out of the spring semester

Hayden Anderson, junior marketing major and model, strikes a pose for the final show of the year.

Fashion Board hosted its fourth and final fashion show of the academic year on Wednesday. The shows hosted by the student organization are a campus-wide favorite. Located in the Cotton District, the fashion show’s theme was “Candyland” and featured bright, summer ready outfits, ranging from formal to beach attire. Models wore bright tulle in their hair and unique editorial-style makeup that created a cohesive look, matching the bubblegum and sugary theme of the event.

Baylee Seeman, makeup artist and freshman English major, loved her first year as a member of the organization and was pleased with the way the makeup added to the final look of the show.

“For the makeup, we drew on pastel tones that were inspired by our childhood and Candyland. I thought the makeup worked really well with the show and worked with the outfits the vendors picked out,” Seeman said.

Multiple local businesses were featured in the show. In some ways, the event is a collaboration between students and Starkville. The fashion shows give small local businesses a unique opportunity to market to the student body through the experience of a catwalk and thus is a mutually beneficial event. Uptown Rustic, LA Green, Swanky B Boutique, JCG Apparel, Revolution, George Mary’s, Cobo’s, R. Tabb and Co., Libby Story, Deep South Pout and Reed’s were featured in the show.

Freshman Rhiannon Paige attended Wednesday’s show, along with all the previous shows by the MSU Fashion Board, and said she left with a good impression.

“The fashion show was really fun, and I liked that it was in the Cotton District because it was a better environment than the other shows and the clothes were cool,” Paige said.

Each year, the organization publishes “Être,” a magazine packed with Vogue-worthy photo shoots and fashion spreads. This year’s edition was featured and sold at the event and is yet another artistic outlet provided by Fashion Board.  

Lauren Wolverton, the magazine’s editor and senior communication major, seemed particularly pleased with this year’s edition.

“When we were planning, I knew I wanted the photo shoots to push limits and be visually interesting. I wanted our stories to be young and fun but dive into some issues,” Wolverton said, addressing the audience of the show.

Before the final walk of the show, Emilia Armond, president of Fashion Board and junior fashion design and merchandising major, thanked the many hands involved with bringing “Candyland” to life.

“Thank you all for coming out and supporting us this year, it’s been incredible to serve in an organization that’s given me so much joy,” Armond said.

Armond will continue to serve as president of the organization when school resumes in the fall.

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