The Serendipity Hippie makes things 'a little bit different'

Paisley Hamilton is manifesting the bohemian and holistic style of the 1960's in Starkville through her store, The Serendipity Hippie.

A Starkville native and 2015 Mississippi State University graduate, Hamilton said the city has made such an impact on her, she has decided to make it a home to her business. While many stores primarily sell manufactured goods, Hamilton’s store is filled with handmade and artisan goods.

All the jewelry is handmade by Hamilton and contains only natural elements, including leathers, crystals and pearls. In addition, her clothing is full of not only whimsical color and flare, but organic hemp and cotton fibers grown in the U.S.. Hamilton’s shop also contains the pieces of other artists, such as pottery from an artist in New York and large crystals from a family in Nepal.

Each piece in the shop is unique, and the clothing is full of personality with an undeniably timeless presence. Her hooded “dusters” and bell bottom pants are reminiscent of the 1960's and contain Hamilton’s own technique, creating a style all their own.

“The idea is to make something a little bit different,” Hamilton said. “It promotes a sustainable lifestyle instead of something that’s disposable or changes constantly with the seasons. The idea is to make something that people want to hold on to and even go as far as pass down to someone they love.”

Hamilton said the store's building was not always the clean and aesthetically pleasing establishment it is today. Prior to the renovations, it was an automobile repair shop. The once-operating glass garage now provides beautiful studio lighting for Hamilton to design and craft her pieces.

Hamilton treats each customer as if they were her lifelong friends. Hamilton will describe the creative processes of each item to provide insight into the care and time each item took to craft. She said she treats her equipment with the utmost care, having lovingly named her serger sewing machine “Sergio.”

She said many individuals in Starkville helped give her the ability to express her artistic voice, including fashion design professor Phyllis Miller.

Hamilton said Miller's passion for the profession and design helped her to become the designer and businesswoman she is today. In addition to a physical store, Hamilton also dabbles in online sales and pop-up shops at art festivals.

Although her store only opened in September, Hamilton said she has already accrued loyal customers through her social media presence, her booths at pop-up shops and online sales.

Laurs Pneuma and Nikki Longmire are two such supporters.

Pneuma said she first encountered Hamilton’s work in downtown Starkville and at art festivals. She admires the uniqueness of each item and the way in which Hamilton conducts herself.

“I can tell she will not change,” Pneuma said. “She will remain the same down-to-earth woman that you meet at her studio. This town is blessed to be the location of her creation, and I feel blessed to be a part of what she is doing here.”

Nikki Longmire is also a longtime admirer of Hamilton’s work. Longmire said Hamilton is a “constant blessing.”

“I can’t find words to express how important it is to shop with independent, local businesses in your area,” Longmire said. “Paisley is intimately invested in her work and is setting an admirable example for upcoming generations of creators while improving the local economy. She has always gone above and beyond in assuring each piece is made perfectly for each customer. I adore her. I adore her vision.”

Hamilton said she loves collaborating with similarly unique stores and artists in events such as Sunday Fundays, which take place every fourth Sunday of the month during the summer.

In addition, Hamilton expressed a desire to hold events at the studio during the future. For more information on the store or future events, The Serendipity Hippie can be found on both Facebook and Instagram.

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