Meet our good boy Bully

Bully runs out on to the field before a football game. Bully XXI’s name is “Jak” and he runs out onto the field before every home football game.

Not only is Bully a good boy, he is also an official American Kennel Club registered English Bulldog that has been the mascot for Mississippi State University since the 1920’s. According to the MSU Athletic Department, the bulldog did not become the official title for athletic teams until 1961. 

The first official game mascot was a bulldog named Ptolemy, who was a gift from the Edgar Webster family to then coach Major Ralph Sasse. The Bulldogs defeated The University of Alabama 20-7 in his first game appearance. 

A litter mate of Ptolemy became the first "Bully," a name that has been passed down each year. Sadly, Bully I's career was cut short by a campus bus. Back then, Bully was allowed to wander around campus, so some were fell victim to death by automobile or kidnapping by other schools. 

According to the MSU Alumnus Magazine, four bulldogs are buried on campus: Bully I is buried behind the home bench at the 50 yard line; Bully II is buried by Hull Hall near College Drive; Bully VIII is buried near the band hall; Bully XV's ashes were scattered on Scott field; Bully XVIII was buried near the north end zone bleachers;


Some bulldogs were not exactly popular. The Reflector ran advertisements to find "Bully V" a new home before he died from a "lack of exercise."

Some students from The University of Mississippi once stole Bully VIII and painted him red and blue. He almost died of lead poisoning in 1958, the year Mississippi A&M became Mississippi State University. 

In 1964, Lambda Chi Alpha purchased a Bully and would take care of Bullys until 1974. In 1974, Bully XIII-B, nicknamed "Sissy," was the first and only female Bully in MSU history. Since that year, the Bulldogs have been looked after by MSU's College of Veterinary Medicine.  

In total, 21 Bullys have served as the official mascot for MSU Athletics. The current Bully is named Jak, although his formal name is Cristil’s Golden Prince, as he was named in honor of long time radio announcer Jack Cristil. Jak began his tenure in 2015. 

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